je ne sais quoi

It’s been awhile but I have a lot content to post. I also updated the site but its also in the beta stage. Brand Development. Go to  via computer to witness the entire Aesthetic. 

transitional period. slight of a learning Curveeeeeeeee.

I am about to make the transfer to a new emailing system and a brand-new website. :) Worked hard to get this accomplished

undeniably one of the two busiest weeks of my life. Even thou it’s cliche, I would rather be exhausted than to not get that work out there. For me,  at the moment, it’s more about personal strides to have a profound effect on others in the future. I also bought my first acoustic guitar. I haven’t named her yet. Even more, I am seeing the effects of God basically ripple in my life. It started w/ one rock pebble ripple, now becoming small tilde waves. I soon seen tsunamis   

5th of July firework display. South Carolina was incredibly EPIC. I also missed this opportunity to capture this. Which is crazy in heigh sight 

Good Kisser Trilogy shot and produced myself, starring Diamond Dance Dope. This also premiered her new logo which I created. :)

Post photo shoot , 5 minute sketches.. 

new email, no spaces. for a limited time. thank you for your patients. 

Anonymous said: How much do you chrlarge for video work

emails are the best form of communication for quotes, fyi.

It’s been a while since we’ve done our magical collaborations where ultimately anything is possible and our imaginations seem to run wild. at 12 we’re premiering a new 3 part series good kisser.